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"I've Gotta Get it Back"

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Pastor Joshua Goodin

2 Kings 6:1-7 (NIV)

“I’ve Gotta Get it Back”

*What is it that you’ve lost in this season, that you have made up your mind that you have to get it back? It could be your prayer life, passion, joy, peace of mind, or your happiness, but whatever it is, if it is of value to you, your life, and where God is trying to take you, you gotta get it back. Anytime you want to do something for God, you better make sure you have God’s permission. A lot of things you say you are doing for God and the kingdom will fail if it doesn’t have God’s stamp of approval.

**It’s not enough to bring an issue or a problem to a leader, but you should accompany it with a solution. What would it be like if people came with problems or issues, but also came with solutions on how to fix the problem or issue? What would happen if you moved beyond complaints and criticisms, and moved to prayer and problem-solving? Spend more time praying for God's will to be done, and God to help you to work together to solve issues and problems that are affecting the body, the community, the city, and the world. It’s time to transition to more prayer and problem-solving.

***Don’t take people with you to do the work, if God hasn’t called them to do it. When people go along and they are not fully committed to it, later on down the line they will become a casualty. Instead of helping you they will become a hindrance. When it comes time to do the assignment and get it done, what they agreed to do they don’t do. If you are going to go along to do the work you ought to have a mindset, a willingness, and a desire to do what you agreed to do. There are too many people who’s yes is questionable and shaky. If you’re going to do the work don’t be questionable. The work of the church is not predominantly on the Pastor, when everybody in the body has been given at least one gift. The work is too great to do by yourself, you have to learn to delegate to the people around you. The best way to see if people can do the work is by giving it to them. In leadership you have to make hard decisions. If you give people what they need, they may not like your decisions but if they need it they will take it. Sometimes even in leadership you have to make hard decisions, and be ok when people don’t speak to you, or talk about you and make up things about you.

****Don’t go into the next season of your life with people that don’t have power. Power to pray, power to hear from God, power to say I’m willing to do whatever is asked of you even when you don’t feel like it, power to push beyond how you feel so you can do what God has called you to do. Make sure every step you take, every move you make that the presence of God is going with you.

****One of the ways you know you’ve lost something is when you stop growing. Are you still growing spiritually? Stop being comfortable saying you lost it. If it was not of any value or God did not have an intended purpose or use for it, God would not have given it to you. What happens when you do what’s right and you’re still losing? God honors work, even when you fall in the midst of doing right he still honors it. There are some things that you have lost that the only way you will get it back is by a move of God. You won't tell God you lost it, he already knows he’s just waiting for you to admit that you lost it. Don’t be afraid to tell God you lost it.

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