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How Long.....Until it Turns

Overseer Joshua Goodin

Psalm 13 (NIV)

*Sometimes you find yourselves asking God how long you must wait. You get so caught up in the length of time that you miss out on the application God is trying to give you in the suffering. What happens when you walk with the Lord, but you feel like the Lord is absent? What happens when you pray and you feel like God is not answering? It discourages your spirit but the Bible reminds you that he won’t leave you, but you feel isolated and shut off. What happens when you feel like God put you on the block list? God should put you on the block list, because how many times have you put him on the block list?

You wrestle with 3 different relationships theology your understanding of God, selfology, and social surroundings. because you must deal with your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with people around you, whether they be your friends or enemies.

*Can God use you when you don’t feel like being used?

Isn’t it amazing that the most interesting time God wants to use you is when you don’t feel like it? You don’t ask how long when you’re in your feelings. When you pray to God be honest about how you feel. When you pray the more you’re enticed. You’re not honest with God about your feelings, because you’re not honest with yourself. You must be honest in your relationships. Be honest with God, yourself, and with others. Be honest in love, don’t say something in the wrong way, and expect people to receive it. It’s a strong thing when you don’t feel like your company when you’re by yourself feeling alone. When you become disconnected from yourself, then you are disconnected from God. You can’t self-regulate, that’s why you need God. Don’t confuse the cover-up with the absence. Learn how to ask God for help.

*The turning point is midway through, but also means you’re still waiting on something. Don’t confuse the turn for the completion. You have to give God the time to prepare it for you. You don’t want to come to the table too soon.

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