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A Life Changing Gift | Overseer Joshua Goodin

*Without the birth of Jesus, you would not be alive. That’s the gift that you can’t buy on the shelf, the gift that never loses its value, the gift that you should forever be grateful for, and always make sure you never forget the meaning, purpose, and the beauty behind that gift. We take for granted the gift we have been gifted. We have to learn how to stop treating the gift we have like the wrapping paper after we’ve unwrapped the gift. We treat the birth of Jesus Christ like it’s just some story on Hallmark. He is the gift that keeps on giving. What gift do you have that walks with you, talks with you, and tells you that you are his own? What gift do you have that wakes you up in the morning, because if your power goes out your alarm clock won’t run? What gift do you have that loves you, even when you don’t love it back? What gift do you have that blesses you when you don’t deserve it?

*When you love someone, you have to endure some things that you may have not counted up. Sometimes when God is preparing to do something in you, he takes you to a hiding place so he can work on you and develop you, before he brings you out to exposure. How many times have you seen people do something and said, “I did that?” The reason why they were able to successfully do it was because they had the resources, moved faster than you did, and because you ran your mouth about it. Sometimes God has to treat us like Zechariah and shut our mouth until the season when it’s time to be able to handle what he’s given us. We prematurely talk about things that we really should be quiet about.

*God holds some things up from us because your mindset and our spirit is not at the right place to be able to handle what God is trying to show us. You wonder why you keep praying about the vision God gave you and asking God why haven’t you manifested this yet. God is telling you that your mind and your spirit is not where the promise is. You have to learn how to think and operate as if you already got the promise, even while you’re waiting for it to manifest itself. That requires waiting and we don’t want to wait on anything. There is a level of impatience because you want what you want right now. Sometimes God tells us to wait, and we want to move things into our own hands. We start creating provisions for ourselves, and the worst provision we can have is self-provision. God said he would supply all your needs. Some of the things we provide for ourself is not in alignment with what God wills and plans for us. You have some things in your life right now that God did not send you, yet he allowed you to have. There are some things and people you encountered that God did not say to allow into your life, but you allowed to walk into your life, and then you cried out to God please remove this thorn. When God sends a thorn there’s an expiration date, but when you inflict yourself with a thorn, you have to wait for God to say he’s moving it. What if God says live with it? We become impatient and frustrated with what God wants to do.

*Sometimes God will allow you steward something that you had no part of. You don’t always have to create it but that doesn’t mean that God won’t give you an opportunity to steward it. God has gifted you with the ability to serve. The problem now is you think you have to create everything. If God doesn’t tell you to start a business, don’t. There are people who will take opportunities that were not meant for them and use them to foster and create sources of revenue. The equivalent to a booster. At the end of the day think about some of the things that you do and how it can soil your reputation. You have to be reminded that you’ve constantly have a hook up. Every time you go to buy something God gives you favor.

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