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Becoming | Overseer Joshua Goodin

Jeremiah 18:1-6 (NIV)

One of the reasons we have not become what God has called us to be, is because we say we can’t. We don’t spend enough time seeking God for what it is.

What is wrong with being who God has called you to be?

You are not what others have prophesied over your life.

You have to 1st be obedient to what God has willed for your life.

This is not the season to try and negotiate, because God is not rewarding disobedience in this season.

It’s time to stop being stale and complacent on where you are going

God has already answered your request, but the manifestation is just waiting for you.

*Becoming requires sacrifice

*Becoming requires shedding

Do you not understand that your lessons come when you’re in hell.

The lesson was to stay away from people like that.

*You are on the creator’s wheel; you are not your own design. God designed the blueprint of your life before you were born. You are not in control of your life.

Even in becoming what God has called you to be will give you joy and pain. It’s not going to be a bed of ease. If it’s too easy, is it worth it?

*Becoming is a process

God allows some error or mess ups in your life. He does not want to see you fail but to remind you that you’re human. Even when you mess up God doesn’t throw you away. Stop negotiating with people about how much you’re worth. People will pay everyone else around you and want to pay you a discount. People will only devalue you if you don’t display your full worth. The enemy knows your worth that’s why he fights so hard to block you.

Learn how to embrace being alone whether you’re in public or private. Opposition is going to come, and you may find yourself in pieces. Don’t worry about it because the potter knows what the end product looks like.

What God called you to do, he will not let you drown. The only person that can stop you from becoming what God is calling you to be, is you.

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