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Becoming pt.2 | Overseer Joshua Goodin

Luke 5:1-11 (NIV)

If you’re not becoming what God wants you to be, then you might find yourself becoming what the enemy wants you to be. When you’re in between or in the middle of it you want to be what God called you to be, but yet you don’t know if you’re ready to do some of the things that come with becoming. Sometimes we are ok and excited about what God wants us to become, but it’s the process we have to go through. All the time in the process and journey of becoming something you have to do some things you don’t necessarily want to do.

You can’t go fishing with a dirty net.

*If you don’t clean up some things, you will never get what God has for you. You want God to bless you with a house, but you have a dirty apartment or room. You want wealth but your finances and credit are dirty. You have to clean up some things in order to get what God has in store for you. There are some things that God has to do, and there are some things that you have to do. We are guilty of constantly being lazy, because we don’t do our part, but we expect God to cover all the parts. It’s not that God can’t do it, but God puts some responsibility on us. At some point you ought to cast out some things, pray for yourself, encourage yourself. One of the reasons why you can’t become what God wants you to become is because you’re so needy. Anytime you need something done the first thing you do is call someone to help and assist you.

Sometimes you’re not needy, you just want to incorporate other people in your journey. Some people you want to include, but God says he didn’t call them he called you to do it. God will get the glory, but you will get the credit alone. Sometimes we share credit with people that don’t do anything.

*Clean up your nets. Clean up some things so you can get what God has for you. To become what God wants you to become you have to go places you’ve never gone before. Move at God’s word, he is not putting you out there to drown. God will be your life vest to help you stay afloat when you feel like things are bringing you down. Change what you’re asking God for because you ask for things you can’t handle. You cannot be what God want you to become staying in the shallow end.

You can never give to God as much as he gives to you

God will expose you to some things you haven’t seen before

What you try to prepare for, you can’t prepare for, because God will do somethings that will blow your mind. How you respond to things will be different as you become. You will begin to see yourself in comparison to God.

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