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Have Hope | Minister Malika Rahman

Sunday Recap @ the Chapel

1 Samuel 1:9-18 (NIV)

“Have Hope”

Hope shows up when all else is gone. Hope means bravery or boldness in Hebrew. If hope is a desire met with expectation, fulfillment, and attainment that means hope is the reason we can bravely go to God and boldly believe that he’ll do what we ask.

Hope is the courage of a lion, it fortifies our faith and how we can expect our deepest desires. Hope is hard because hope is not an emotion it is a state of mind. To have hope we must think hopeful thoughts and believe. There are some things that can only come from God, and it’s ok to be angry with God. You don’t get anguish unless you’ve been angry. The Bible says in Ephesians 4 to be angry but do not sin. If you can’t be angry and tell God how you feel, then where do you go?

*To have hope you have to pray about your problem. If you do not pray about your problems, how can you expect God to show up. Why do we have to pray? You pray sometimes, and that’s why you get answers some of the time. If you’re not connected to the power source then how do you expect power to come through? Power is not vicarious, there’s only so much the anointing of someone else can do for you if you do nothing for yourself.

Sometimes you have to walk past people about your problems and go directly to the source, because you keep talking to other people too much. Make a promise to God about what you want. Ask God to give it to you and then give it back to God.

*To have hope you have to pour out your heart to God. Sometimes you have to get down and dirty with God. Your legacy can’t be birthed until you let it go. Letting it go is not instantaneous it’s a process. Your pouting is not profitable. What you pour will provoke God to show up.

*To have hope you have to prepare for what you pray for. We don’t want to prepare because it takes work and time. God is not going to give you more time if you can’t manage your time with God. You can’t get more if you can’t handle what God has already given you. Have your heard the response from God, but didn’t go and prepare? You have to be willing to get yourself together and eat to get your strength up. Fix your face, you cannot possess what you have not prepared for. It’s up to you to pray, pour, and prepare.

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