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I'm More Than What You Heard: HerStory Rahab | Overseer Joshua Goodin

Recap Encounter @ the Chapel

Joshua 2 (NIV)

*Have you ever felt judged by what people heard about you, yet they never got the opportunity to really get to know you. They judge you by the cover of the book, and never took the time to experience the full read thoroughly so they can see just how impressive you really are. Regardless of what you see or what people say, I am more than what you heard. No matter how much the streets are talking they can never fully tell my story like I can. Sometimes people think there is perfection in the temple, when struggle is not just in the world, it’s also in the temple. You think the one that stands to deliver has it all together, but yet there are proclivities that we all have. How many people enjoy you by night, but you don’t hear from them all day? We allow access and grant permission for people to have us that don’t deserve us, because we feel like it shows us love and appreciation. Ultimately, it’s not love, appreciation or honor, it’s toleration. They tolerate you to get what they need from you, and once they’re done with you they dispose of you.

*Some people approach you because of what they heard about you. They only approach you because they knew you were easy. They knew that you were willing to give things without being treated right. They come to you because they know you have money, and if they satisfy you right, they can get however much they want. It’s how it is for those with a sugar daddy or sugar momma. You just need them to satisfy your need, you don’t need them to love you. You don’t need them to commit to you because commitment who does that? There are some that say they wish they could interact with people and never catch feelings, whether in personal or interpersonal relationships. There are people you got close to and cared about that turned around and stabbed you in the back or turned on you as soon as they had an opportunity. Sometimes you wish you could create a line that says listen hello goodbye. You’re going to serve for the season you’re supposed to serve. You’re not going to let your emotions and feelings get tied up in it, because you know ultimately, it’s only going to breed let down.

People automatically associate your name with what you do, what’s your last name, or which one should you be identified by today? All of us have something that people knew us for. Regardless of what they knew you for, that’s not what God sees you as. God never makes a mistake; everything is strategically aligned to fulfil a purpose.

*Sometimes people won’t move unless they know what they’re moving too. God is aware of the limitations of people’s imagination and faith. Some people have to see the full design in order to get it, that’s limited faith. When you need God to show you it before you go to it. Full faith is God said go and you go. Ask yourself where you are in your faith, is it limited or expanded? Sometimes God will not show it to you, and you have no choice but to go, because if you stay you have to deal with the consequences of the disobedience of staying. There are some houses we shouldn’t be going to, and that’s why we keep finding ourselves falling into sad situations thinking we’re strong enough to go there. Be honest enough to say you’re not strong enough to be in that space where I’m still struggling with. That’s why you keep ignoring those exes. When God has equipped you, he’s already calculated every cost you will have to pay when you get there. If you give in, it’s because you chose your desires over your destiny. When God tells you to go somewhere he equips you, but he also gives you a way of protection and escape for you. When you find yourself in tight situations you always have a choice, the question is what you choose.

**Your present predicament can propel you to future possibilities.

Stop allowing people to make edits in your story that they have no business editing. You allow people to write parts into your life and they don’t have the power or authority. We all have struggles, and until you can figure out your stuff, it doesn’t make sense for you to try to dictate and write things into someone else’s life. There are too many people trying to dictate other people’s lives because they messed up their own lives. You have to spend some time getting yourself together, so you can go where God is trying to take you. You have to remind yourself you will not always be in this place. We allow ourselves to make temporary stops permanent places of residency. You’re just here for a season, and God is aligning your purpose in using your struggle to build up the kingdom.

**Your past is not determinate of your future.

Doesn’t matter how much you’ve done; it means nothing when it comes to God’s hands. God can take the filthiest person and make something beautiful out of their life. God takes you with everything that you did, everything you still keep doing, and yet he is making something beautiful out of your life. When you think back on some of the stuff you did, in spite of it, you’re standing here today. Flaws, mistakes, and all, you’re standing here today as a witness that God will not hold your mistakes against you. He is a faithful and just God if you confess your sins he will forgive you and cleanse you of unrighteousness, (1 John 1:9 KJV). You may have made that mistake back then but look at you today. Thank God for the people back then who said you don’t look good, you’re ugly, and they would never give you an opportunity, but they see you now and wonder what you got going on. They missed out on their blessing, because they looked at the outer appearance, and went off of what they heard about you, and never took the opportunity to get to know you. Every now and again you should look in the mirror and say God thank you for what you made. Even when you don’t feel 100%, or feel like you’re ugly, thank God, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. When God made you he busted the mold, don’t care what anyone else thinks about you, you are handsome you are beautiful.

**Your lifestyle does not define your love.

Until you’ve been in a place that you had to do some things, because bills had to get paid, you need food in the refrigerator, they were about to turn the lights off, if you’ve never been in some tough situations, you can’t judge what somebody else has done. You can’t spend your time judging people. You don’t know what they’re try to pay for or where they’re trying to go. Some lies are necessary, because if it ever came to truth, it would destroy your life, it was told to protect something. There are some lies if untold they would destroy homes and families.

You can be in relationship with God and still have struggle. You cannot come to an understanding of who God is and ignore it, it will constantly show up. Even when you call yourself walking away from the church or God, he never walked away from you. As long as God is with you his hand is protecting you. Purpose sometimes comes with public exposure. In order to be protected for the future you have to be publicly exposed in the present. Regardless of what God allows people to see about you publicly, it is not the final determination over your life. Thank God that he exposes you and not allow other people to expose you. When God exposes you it’s with limitations, when people try to expose you, they lay it all out on the table. Demonstrated faith will never be forgotten, the reason you’re here today is because of the faith of someone else. Don’t stop demonstrating your faith because people go by what they heard, you are more than what they heard.

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