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It's Party Time | Bishop R.D. Sutton, II

Overseer Joshua Goodin's Birthday Worship Service

Bishop R.D. Sutton, II, Zoe Bible Fellowship

Psalms 23:5 (NKJV)

*Don't be upset where you are right now because God can be found in the middle of it. If you're going to do what God wants, you have to learn how to trust Him even when you don't see Him. Before you come out of something you're going to learn something about what you’re going through. If you're going to get everything that God has in store for you have to learn how to endure some stuff. Learn how to hold on to it because you’re going to win in the end. God has a way of turning some stuff around. It’s not the first time, and God will bring you through.

*You can be in your present predicament and put your mind on rewind to remember what God has done for you before. Think about if God brought you out before why wouldn’t he bring you out again. At some point you have to stop talking to other people about God and start talking to God. God is looking for a witness to tell people how good he really is, how he can meet your needs, how he can get you out of no way, and you can trust him. To tell people about who he is. Instead of talking about God get on your knees and talk to him for yourself. God is going to before you so when you get there you won't have to worry about anything. When God goes before you, he's weeding things out and moving obstacles out your way. God won't let nothing sneak up on you.

*You have to go through the valley. Some of you don't want to go through nothing but you want the table experience. You don't want to deal with the shadow of death but want to be clothed in righteousness. You don't understand that in order to have that supernatural power and moving of God over your life, you have to go through the valley. You have to learn how to walk through the valley, the valley is not your home. You need to thank God while you're in the valley. Shout not because you made it out the valley, but while you're in your valley. When God has his mind on you he knows how to bring you out. You ought to learn how to trust him. While you're in a valley the valley is a dark place where you have no idea of what's going to happen it's just like a surprise party you don't know what's going on because it was done in the dark.

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