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Surrender | Overseer Joshua Goodin

Philippians 3:12-14 (NIV)

*God’s next move in your life is dependent upon your surrender to him. You want the turnaround, you want the healing, the deliverance, the door to open, you’ve got to surrender. Surrender your mind, your will, and your desires to Him. God is tired of dealing with parts, he wants all of you. Yield yourself to whatever God wants to do. Give God the victory, your victory is tied to your surrender. No matter how much you have done or messed up, God still loves you and wants your heart. The pain will become bearable when you give it to the one that can handle it. When you surrender to God either way it’s victory because it’s going to happen the way God wants it to happen. You can’t change God’s mind, it’s victory either way because it’s God’s way. When you yield to God the more, he brings you peace.

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