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Take a Risk | Reverend Daniel M. Jackson

Pastor's 5th Anniversary Afternoon Celebration

Matthew 14:22-29 (NIV)

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months, where you just wanted to get away and be with people who understood that at the end of the day we’re all the same people? We all have troubles, fears, worries, doubts, secrets, struggle with something, because none of us are perfect. Each and every one of us is flawed, wounded, disappointed, living with deficiencies or a handicap, or a memory that we can’t mentally or emotionally detach ourselves from. There are times that you want to be with a crowd, with people who provide a safe space for you to be who you are. On the flip side, you go through a season where you want to be free from everybody. You want to go somewhere where nobody knows your name. Sometimes life, and life situations catch you off-guard that you just need to get away. Sometimes you want to be free from life, free from issues, free from people, free from bills, free from pain, free from the usual and mundane, free from the drama that comes from life. Have you ever wanted to slip away and return with all your problems solved.

What happens when the Pastor can’t deal with his own stuff, because there are people he has to minister to?

*Little becomes a lot when you place it in God’s hands. It don’t take a lot of people, but it does take some people who are willing to do work. Learn how to take what you have and put it in God’s hands. You’re about to walk into a season where not enough becomes too much and overflows. God is going to bless you so much, that all you’ll be able to do is bless other people.

Sometimes you have to take a moment for yourself to rediscover, to reboot, a moment of rest. You’re messing up ministry because you don’t want to take a break. Sometimes you have to get away from the people who love you, your inner circle. It’s ok to take a break from church. Sometimes to keep yourself from going crazy you have to learn how to be by yourself.

*It’s time to take a walk. If you’re going to take a risk you have to learn how to survive the storm. In life the storms keep coming. It’s not just one storm it’s over and over, but you’re a survivor. You will have some good weather and some stormy weather but ask God to show you how to survive the storm. Too many times you want God to stop the storm, but your prayer should be “teach me how to survive the storm.”If you have to go through a storm, go through it with your head held high, shoulders back, and walk through it like a boss. You can smile in the midst of your storm, and have peace in the midst of your pain, because you know who’s getting you through your storm.

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