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Alignment | Overseer Joshua Goodin

1 Corinthians 12:16-28 (NIV)

If you’re going to move forward, you must first be in the right alignment. If we’re going to fulfill your purpose as a church, we must get in alignment. The problem with the church is we’ve become so comfortable with being messy that we fail to recognize when we’re out of order. The reason people are so out of order at church is that at home there is no order. The problem is that people are out of alignment because there is no accountability, and people are everywhere doing anything. Never did you think you would have to pray about your children being in extracurricular activities. Because you’re out of alignment things are falling apart.

*You get in alignment by understanding that though you are distinctly different you are still one. The God that created you started with a blank canvas, and he made sure that each person was different. Just because you are different, you’ve been made by the same hands with the same purpose, gifted by the same spirit. Being different doesn’t mean you become enemies. You are different and you must learn to model for children that you can be different and still be on the same page. The problem is there are too many people that want to have all the gifts. You don’t have to do everything, do what God has called and anointed you to do. You want to help but it’s really an annoyance. There’s nothing wrong with volunteering but there are certain areas where you don’t have the giftedness to assist. You are different but you are still one, you are not a separate body apart from your neighbor.

*You must be faithful to your assignment to be in alignment. The whole body can’t do the same thing. Everybody must be faithful to their assignment. Is it fair that you keep showing up to your assignment all the time, and others pick and choose when they show up? If you put too much weight on a leg, there is a problem. The problem is too many people have become crutches and canes because people are saying they got it. The reason some people keep showing up to do their assignment is that they understand that even though it’s not fair they serve a God that even in unfairness he gives you favor. If people had the faithfulness to ministry that they had to their jobs or other activities. If you don’t get in proper alignment, you can’t go where God is taking you, a sense of conviction must fall over you. You will receive the blessings God has for you when you start walking in obedience. Be faithful to your assignment even when you don’t feel like it through the storms in your life.

*Every part is honorable when you’re in alignment. When you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, you’re not hurting others, you’re being disobedient to God. The same God that gave you the gift he can take the gift away. If God has blessed, you with an increase in any way and you have not been a good steward with your finances or tithing get it right now before the Lord takes it away. Sometimes you get comfortable with the blessing and forget how you got the blessing. God says he will not continue to extend grace to people who keep walking in disobedience to him. He says why should I keep allowing you to enjoy the blessing when you don’t appreciate the blesser. God honors you when you give out of your lack and he will bless you. You must have concern for each other. When you get in proper alignment you can go where God is trying to take you. You are so concerned about what’s going on in front of you, that you get out of line to look. When you get out of line to see what’s going on in front of you it’s a sign that you don’t trust the one that’s leading you. If you’re going to get in alignment, you must trust the people who are leading you that they will not lead you into destruction. Some seasons you don’t have the strength to carry even your own weight. You feel like when people step away, you’re supposed to stop. Don’t stop because one person isn’t there, because you’re waiting for other people to show up so you can do what you’re supposed to do. God will sometimes cause a delay to see and test if you’re willing to walk in what he’s called you to do regardless of who else isn’t there yet. Some of you don’t move unless someone else moves.

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