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Are You Burnt Out? pt. 2 | Pastor Joshua Goodin

Pastor Joshua Goodin

“Are You Burnt Out? Pt. 2

1 Kings 19:1-8 (NIV)

Some of the physical things you’re dealing with in your body have come because you’re burnt out.

It can cause you to quit your job, leave your marriage, walk away from your family, friendships, and relationships. When you have had enough of dealing with certain things and certain people, sometimes you’re just burnt out and you can’t take no more. Sometimes you don’t walk away from these things until you get to that point, and that’s problematic because you get to a point where you’re burnt out and have nothing left to give in new relationships. You have deposited and wasted everything in a space that really didn’t deserve you in the first place. Love is not enough. Sometimes what you think might be enough to continue to endure the burnout and the exhaustion is not enough. You stay connected to people knowing that what they’re bringing is not enough. You can’t give in ministry the way you’re supposed to because you’re burnt out, and you don’t have a desire to serve.

*Some of you don’t know that you’re burnt out, because you have learned to make burn out your lifestyle. You show up in burnout, go to work in burnout, you go around your family in burnout. When you’re so burnt out, it leads to isolation. You know you’re burnt out, because what you should be celebrating actually feels like a reason to die. Burnout messes with your mental stability. It will make you think about things that you should not be thinking about. How bad does it have to be in your burnout that you come to a place that it would be better to die than to live? There is hope, you shall not die but you shall live and declare the works of the lord (see Psalms 118:17). Live, don’t care about what it looks like, just live. Doesn't matter what you’re going through, live. Doesn’t matter what it feels like, push yourself to a place where you are encouraged to live beyond what you're dealing with and going through, this thing will not get the best of you, because you shall live. Live your life, enjoy yourself, treat yourself, get up dress yourself up, take yourself out and live your life. Live beyond the opinions and the thoughts of other people. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (see Psalms 139:14), get up, take yourself to the movies, to dinner, to the beach, and enjoy yourself. You have one life to live, and you ought to live it to the best of your ability. Wake up with joy, have peace of mind, do not worry about things that cannot make or break your life, live. Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror and write live on it. One of the greatest burdens to living is moving beyond the opinions of people. You cannot be boxed into the opinions of others about what you should have, and where you should live. If your Father is rich in houses and land, what makes you think you’re supposed to live on the bottom of the barrel. Every time you step out, you’re supposed to look like your Father has the world in his hands. Live because you can’t take nothing with you. Don’t be limited in your mindset.

*You need moments where you need to get away from everyone else, so when the Lord comes to speak to you, you won't be distracted. There’s a difference between isolation and getting away. No matter what you’re dealing with God still honors your obedience. Always being attacked can cause you to feel burnt out as well. You may have said Lord why me? You just went through this and now that? Is there no one else? You must learn how to be grateful with your afflictions, because everybody is not qualified to handle afflictions.

*When you’re burnt out the one thing you must be mindful not to neglect is your physical needs. God will never give you instructions and not give you the provision to follow the instructions. If God tells you to be a blessing to someone, he’ll give you the resources to be a blessing. When God tells you to do something, do it the first time. Whenever God tells you to sow something, do something, say something, you have to say it, because your disobedience comes with consequences. If God tells you to be a blessing to someone be a blessing because whatever he tells you to give, he will give it back to you in double. Learn how to trust God at his word and go.

*When you’re burnt out you neglect your physical needs, and your body needs food, water, and rest. When was the last time you had a good meal and a good night’s rest? Your body will begin to operate in weird ways when it doesn’t get the proper nutrients and rest that you need. When you don’t take care of yourself there is no rebuy, there is a bye-bye. If you understood how valuable your life is you would not allow yourself to keep burning out or continue to allow yourself to be burnt out by people and things. You must value your life, if you don’t value your life how do you expect other people to value it? You cannot think you can overcome burnout if you don’t address your physical needs. What good is it for God to use you, but you’re not taking care of yourself? When you get tired of crying over the same stuff and wrestling over the same stuff then you will start making changes. Get tired today!

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