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Did You Wash Your Face This Morning? | Reverend Charli Pierce-Wilcox

2 Samuel 12:13-14; 18-23 (NIV)

*What has been birthed out of your sin that you are attempting to hide? Have you been loyal to the fault, faithful to your assignments, committed to the cause, loyal to leadership, partnership, and relationships that weren’t necessarily loyal to you? Have you been blindsided, not aware of illicit conversations that you were being plotted against, or the very thing you hold dear was attempted to be taken from you? Have you been set up or missed used underhandedly by those close to you? Take courage in knowing that God honors those who honor him. Do not allow it to taint what you are deemed to be, allow your eyes to be opened, and do not allow your loyalty to be to your detriment. Sometimes you must be reminded of where you came from.

*God has given you so many things, the business, the ideas, puts you in the position, gives you the things you ask for, the husband or wife, the family, the relationship, and the possessions, but what do you do? You covet the relationships and possessions of another, convincing yourself that you should have it and abuse your authority just to acquire it. You’ve become accustomed to saying I’m sorry and abusing God’s grace and mercy. You have taken advantage of it, and God’s given you an opportunity to get it right, but instead of finding redemption in that moment, you keep on pressing. This is the season of expulsion, since you can’t seem to get it right, God is about to show what you have been doing in secret, the doors will be opened, the rugs flipped over, and the things you’ve been trying to contain will be known. You knew they were married, they had a family, which was all they had, that was the business they were attempting to do, and even knowing that you still chased after them, slept with them, used them, took from them, stole from them, and entertained conversations about how to tear down who they are. You have a merciful God that continually spares your life.

*There are great consequences behind your sin, and you must get yourself in check. If you get yourself in check and just allow it to be a thought, it won’t go too far. Whatever you are attempting to do, whatever you are entertaining, STOP right now, don’t go any further. Don’t push the button, don’t play with it, don’t do anything with it, let it be, and allow it to remain a thought, and not an action to pursue because it will be to your detriment. It won’t just affect you, but everyone closest to you. Get yourself in check by getting into your word, get back to basics, and study the scriptures. Allow it to fill you, be a means of stripping you, and a means of challenging you.

*It’s time to get up and wash your face. What you did may feel like the end but get up and wash your face. You may have lost some things but get up and wash your face. What you did may have separated you a little bit from God, but he still calls you his own, so get up and wash your face. Get up, wash up, and anoint yourself. It’s a new day, anoint those cuts, they may be visible, but allow them to be a lesson from what you’ve done, and a means of where God brought you from. You don’t have to sit and wallow in the mess, if God spared you, then you have another opportunity to get it right. No matter what you’ve done you need to stay in the face of God, don’t let your yesterday ever infringe on your relationship with God. Don’t allow the naysayers to stop you from going to the house of worship and getting on your knees at the altar.

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