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Go! | Pastor Joshua Goodin

Genesis 12:1 (NRSV)

*You have come too far to quit; you’ve got to go. It’s easy to become comfortable where you are, but God says you got to go. He’s making it uncomfortable because he’s trying to push you to go. God is with you in your go, he’s walking with you reminding you that he will not leave you or forsake you. Whatever he’s called you to he will be with you and has already prepared a table before you and made the provision, all you have to do is go. You’ve been stuck long enough. Go after everything God has for you. You’re going to get your happiness, your joy, your home, your children, or your restoration back. One of the hardest things to do is to leave what’s familiar. Some things you will take with you and some things you will leave behind. If the connection with the person was lost because you walked away, then there was no connection in the first place. People will guilt you for leaving them, but if they get upset with you for walking into greater then you don’t need to be connected to them. Your season is up and it’s time to go.

*God has opened doors; he’s just waiting for you to go through them. Pray that the spirit of fear will leave you because you can’t walk in faith and fear at the same time. Sometimes the answer to your prayer is realizing that where you are is not where you’re supposed to be. Acceptance, you can’t keep wrestling with God about what he already spoke, all you have to do is accept it.

*To go requires you to take a step. It’s hard to go to a place where God has not shown you what’s waiting for you. Your faith is developed in the unknown. There is a level of release that you will receive when you just go. Some of what you’ve been seeking God for is tied to your obedience to go, and the answer is in your next step. If you make up your mind that you’re going to go you will see prayers answered in an instant.

*God is saying all you have to do is follow the steps he’s left for you. When you take too much time to follow what God is telling you to do, you find yourself in a place where you’re trying to create your own path. You are going down paths God never told you to go to because you took too long to go, but when God comes and speaks to you this time and says this is what I’m telling you to do, you have to go. You don’t have time to keep wasting. God has given you exactly what you need, the right strength for you to be able to go. There must be an urgency in your go. You keep saying you’ll do it tomorrow or start tomorrow, but what if tomorrow never comes, can you afford to wait another day?

*Going is hard. When you don’t do what God told you to do, you experience emotions that God didn’t intend for you to experience. You say you trust God, but when your trust is put to the test, you fail. Sometimes your inability to trust God will keep doors that are waiting for you out of your reach. You can be discouraged when God tells you he has things waiting for you because you can be so close, but you can’t touch them. It requires a level of faith and trust and in this season your minimum faith and trust won’t work. God won’t keep accepting your minimum and you expect maximum blessings. You’ll go when you get tired of losing. You dress like a winner, but you’re losing in so many areas in life. You look successful, but if only they knew the hits you keep taking, and the worst hits are the ones that are self-inflicted. Stop inflicting yourself with pain you don’t have to experience because you don’t want to be obedient.

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