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Intercession | Pastor Joshua Goodin

1 Samuel 19:1-7 (NRSV)

The God you serve understands you so much that he understands there are times in your lives you need someone to intervene on your behalf. Have you ever been in a place trying to get things done, call this person or that but they couldn’t help you out of your situation? The Lord will give you moments in life that will remind you, humble you, and tell you that you are not as connected or as important as you think you are. Even when you serve time in certain places you think you would have certain advantages but then you try to use those advantages to no avail. God will step in and intervene on your behalf. God will mediate. In mediation, you may not appreciate the process, but you can find joy in what comes out of it.

*Whenever you’re winning people will always love you, and you try to stay in the winning place and keep reminding people of your winning season because people are fickle once you come out of your winning season. They love you when you have money, and can do for them, they’re your closest friends when they need someone to take them here and there. But don’t lose your car or money because things will change and the people that constantly called you and showed you how much they love you by pulling on you, will be the 1st ones to run away from you. You will do things to get people back in your life who keep taking from you. When God gives people an exit out of your life, let them go, because you can’t spend your life constantly welcoming people into a space they do not deserve.

*People get so caught up in their own insecurities that they want to hate on you to stop you from having more than them. There are people who are a part of your audience sitting so close to you that you don’t have to tell them what you have because they know what you have before you announce it. There are some things you must do in private. One reason you have the opposition you have is that you keep trying to make private matters public. Everything you do or get you don’t always need an audience. Especially when you can’t discern if the people in your audience are for you or against you. Stop letting people that get more than you make you become jealous or envious when you still have a higher-ranking position over them. When you begin to worry about what other people are doing in their lives and not focus on what God told you to do, you will always find yourself in competition with other people.

You know when you’ve become a threat to someone else when they will try to take your life.

*You know Intercession is taking place, because even when you’re set up to fail you win. When you pray for yourself, you don’t pray that God would handle your enemies or those that are trying to take your life. There are people who intercede on your behalf because God will show them some things that are getting ready to happen in your life that you can't receive or understand, but God will allow some intercessors to begin praying on the attack of your life. God will speak to some people and allow them to spend time and a season in intercession so that what you’re getting ready to go through you’ll come out victorious even when all the odds are stacked against you because someone was praying for you. It wasn’t because what you did was righteous, or had it all together, but because someone was praying for you and interceding on your behalf that even though you must go through it you come out with the victory. You had to go through it, cry, or wanted to throw in the towel someone was praying for you.

*When your opposition has made up their mind to see you fail, they won’t stop until you fail, and they will look for a crack to get in. Following your emotions can be dangerous because they have the ability to deceive you and redirect you from where you are supposed to be. Sometimes when you’re so infatuated, you’ll do anything to get what you want. That’s why some relationships, friendships, and partnerships don’t work because God’s not in them. You have some of the issues you have because you put God out, but you want him to continue to bless you. How can you expect God to bless it if you won’t allow him to be in it? You want God to bless your finances, but he’s not in it. You’re in the condition you’re in financially, emotionally, and spiritually, because you didn’t realize that God slipped out the back door. He didn’t want to leave, but you did not create a space for God to say.

*When people tell you something, you ought to listen, because they’re not telling you because they’re trying to take something from you. When someone comes to speak into your life to exactly where you are, you need to heed it, because why would God tell them things about you unless God had a purpose? God is using that person as a messenger to get from where you are to where you’re supposed to be. Sometimes as a parent you don’t know everything, and you must be willing to listen to your children when they tell you certain things. It’s amazing that you take issue with people who are trying to do good by you, but the people who constantly do you badly you let them tear you apart.

*When someone mediates for you, they are stating your case, and when someone intercedes for you, they can change the mindset of your opposition. People who were praying against you will move from praying against you to applauding. People who are praying against you must move to a place where they are preparing you for your elevation. When someone’s praying for you they don’t just pray for where you are but also where you’re going. When you’re in the presence of the Lord you have access. When God tells you to intercede for others, do it. The reason you are where you are today is because someone is interceding for you. When you don’t pray like you should or do everything you're supposed to, thank God that someone is praying for the voids you left in prayer. Being an intercessor, you don’t have to like the person to pray for them. If God tells you to pray for them you don’t have a choice but to pray for them, because your blessing is tied to your obedience. You must let some things go, and you will lack for nothing. You spend so much time counting the cost of what you will lose that you don’t realize that sometimes you must lose to win. What you feel like maybe a loss is a gain.

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