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It's a Good Day to Remember | Overseer Joshua Goodin

Deuteronomy 8:1-20 (NIV)

God has been good that you can’t help but praise him. In case you forget and you’re waiting on God to perform a miracle, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are the miracle God performed in the past, still living in the present, and you’re waiting for another miracle he will perform in the future.

God is reminding the children of Israel as he takes them to the place he promised, don’t forget some things. Sometimes when God gives you increase you forget. After God moves on your behalf don’t forget to keep being obedient. Because once you get the prayer answered you go back into your own thing. Even if you don’t see the promise that doesn't mean stop working. There are some promises you will not see but you keep working because they may be stored up for your children and their children.

*Remember the past

Even when you go through the wilderness in your own life it’s not because you led yourself there, it’s because the Lord led you there. He leads you there to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart. Sometimes God’s got to put you through the test to see where your heart is. You get upset when he tests you, but God wants to know if you love him, have a heart for him, will you follow him, will you obey him, or will you only do what he says because he’s giving you things? God can’t trust people that only pursue him for things but don’t pursue him with your heart. Maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten the release that you need, because God’s asking the question, “Is your heart in it?” He’s testing you because he wants to make sure you stay humble. You get blessed and then change. Sometimes when God releases blessings people let it go to their heads. One reason God hasn’t released things for certain people is because God knows that your head would get too big. That’s why you’re stuck living where you are, because God wants you to develop a spirit of humility. If you stay humble God will exalt you in due season. It doesn’t matter what you have to stay humble, because what you have today can be gone tomorrow. When you realize what you have and that some people don’t have what you have you learn how to be grateful. Sometimes you get so caught up living in today that you forget what happened in the past. Not holding on to the pains, but what God has brought you through. Sometimes even when you’re full physically you’re hungry spiritually. You need something you can snack on to get your through until the next door opens. Stop putting your faith in people that will let you down. Sometimes God has had to discipline you in the past, so you can walk right in the presence. You get mad at God because he chastises you in the place you messed up, because he doesn’t want you to go back there. Yet you keep eating where you mess. You should not be comfortable eating in mess, but you’ve become too comfortable with mess.

*Remember what he’ll do in the present. You have to remember what God said he was going to do. He will tell you what he’s going to do in your life, but you will forget it. God is too wise to waste a lie on you or others. He will not mess up his credibility. You’re not speaking to some people now because you put your name on the line for them , or they put their name on the line for you and it did not go well. In this season God says, “I’m going to restore your name,” because he’s not going to allow someone else to get the glory for what he does for you. Give God praise for being your cosigner. Believe it, receive it, It’s yours.

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