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Keep Your Faith Working

Sunday Recap

Overseer Joshua Goodin

Matthew 17:14-20 (NIV)

“Keep Working Your Faith”

*Do you understand that the enemy’s job is to try to get you to stop having faith? The enemy strategically sets things up in such a way to make you try to put your faith on pause. A lot of time it’s easy for that to happen because you put your religion on pause. When you go through trials and tribulations you put your faith on the back burner and try to deal with things on your own, ultimately finding out that you’re wasting your time. If you could have done it on your own there would be no need for God, but because he knows that you have to depend on him, he puts you in situations that you cannot handle by yourself. God keeps putting you in situations, not to tear down your faith, but to build your faith and keep it actively working. Your faith wouldn’t be at work if you didn’t have a difficult situation, more bills than money, kids acting strange, people getting on your nerves at work, or doors closing in your face. God uses these things to keep your faith actively working. When you don’t allow your faith to work the way it’s supposed to work, it’s like a car battery that has never run. If it sits long enough when you go to start it, it will not start. Your faith is so idle that you can’t get a pull because you're good and you just see God when it’s necessary. Everything you deal with in your life is necessary for a God interaction.

*Everything in life is not a storm, some things are rip currents. The best way to survive rip currents is to stay afloat and yell for help. Sometimes you think you’re going through a storm, but it’s just a rip current and all you have to do is stay afloat and call for help. Sometimes it doesn’t take all of that, it just takes kicking your feet and being able to yell for help. Your faith can be active and working in the simple things of life, but you try to activate your faith in ways where you’re trying to be deep, but all you need to do is stay afloat and call on the name of the Lord.

*It can be scary when you feel like you’re getting ready to walk into something without the presence of the Lord. One of the things that weaken your faith and make it inactive, is when you become fearful and afraid to operate because you feel the need to have certain things in order to do. Sometimes you just have to go, and understand that if God told you to go he’s equipped you with enough faith to go and deal with the situation. What happened to just trusting and having faith that God is able to move in your situation? You ought to come to a place with your walk with God where you understand that his presence never leaves you. Regardless of who is around you, learn how to have enough faith to get business done with God. You’re so discouraged and defeated because you don’t have enough faith.

When your faith is not at work it cannot grow. You have to have active faith in order to get some things from the Lord.

*Be careful of people that want to lay hands on you, because you don’t need anyone laying hands on you that don’t have enough faith that God can fix their own situation. If they don’t have enough faith you don’t need their lack of faith spirit touching and agreeing with you. It may seem impossible but there’s nothing too hard for the Lord to deal with. Make sure you are surrounded by people who have faith enough to believe what you are seeking God for, God is actually able to do. Be careful with who you share what you’re seeking God for, because some people are thinking you might as well give up. How many people have you shared what God was going to do in your life, and they said it’s not going to happen? When you look back on them, they are still in amazement of how God opened that door or made a way for you. Enjoy when God wants to prove your doubters wrong, learn how to show God off. Sometimes God has to allow people to oppose you so that he can move in miraculous ways in front of opposers and doubters because it’s in their opposition and doubt that he can draw them to him through manifesting some things through you. Learn how to stop complaining when God allows you to experience the storms, rip currents, tribulations, and trials in your life because God is working those things out to make you better. He’s working it out so that he can be lifted up and draw all men unto him. Do you have enough faith to endure whatever God is sending your way so that someone else might be saved, delivered, or set free, can God use you to pull people in? Or is your testimony, you’ve been through too much, and you don’t feel like going through another thing, situation, problem, or obstacle? Let God send it, because whenever he sends a problem there’s a blessing attached to it.

*Sometimes you find yourself in a place where you settle because you want to go back to where God has brought you from. If God didn’t think you could handle where you are, he never would have brought you from here to there. Since he brought you there you have to learn how to continue to trust him and let him provide for you, so you can keep living the lifestyle that he called you to. God has brought you into the life that he promised you and that you deserve, and you have to learn how to appreciate and celebrate when God brings you up. The problem is you have become apologetic because God has blessed you. You keep giving people discounts for what you have when in reality you have great value, and you should be able to charge people what you should charge instead of looking out for people. Stop saying sorry for what God blessed you with if God gave it to you, appreciate it and thank him for it. If you don’t, he’ll take it away and give it to somebody else.

*Don’t make God push you out of the way to deal with something that you could have dealt with. Sometimes because you don’t want to confront things God has to step in and handle it. When God has to step in and handle things, it’s handled. Be grateful to God now for when he stepped in and handled the things, he told you to walk away from and you didn’t. The people he told you to cut off and he took them away. Appreciate when God moves some people and things out of your life because he sees where he’s trying to take you. He recognizes that if you stay connected and stay where you are you will not reach your full potential.

Learn how to replace worry and doubt with prayer. Everything God has for you is for you and it will happen in his timing.

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