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"My Soul is Anchored" Pastor Joshua Goodin

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Pastor Joshua Goodin

Hebrews 6:13-20 (KJV)

“My Soul is Anchored”

The reason why you are able to maintain hope in the midst of what goes on, is because your soul is anchored. Is your soul anchored? What do you do when God makes you a promise but takes a long time to fulfill the promise? Sometimes in the midst of waiting for God to fulfill the promise the ship of life begins to start floating. You start floating to find other ways to bring to pass the promise made to you. God makes you a promise, you didn’t go to him with a request, but he makes you a promise. While you are waiting for what you didn’t ask for, you start trying to find ways to accomplish the promise. Don’t try to find a way to accomplish what you didn’t ask for, if God wanted you to have it he would give it to you. Stop trying to create paths and doors that God never meant for you to walk through, because you think God is taking too long. You put a time limit on God, what if God put a time limit on you? If you were on the clock God would have been done with you long ago. Every day you wake up, thank God that he does not handle you the way you handle him.

*When you’re waiting on God to come through you have to be patient, maintain your faith, and have the ability to endure. You have to be patient because you don’t know when the promise is coming. You have to maintain your faith, because the enemy will come and doubt your mind telling you that what God promised you will never come to pass. You have to be able to endure because people around you will keep saying I thought God was going to bless you. Be careful who you share your promise with. You can’t tell everybody what God promised you, because when they find out they begin to dislike you and become jealous towards you, because they want what you have. Be careful when you want what others have, because you don’t know what they had to go through and endure to get to their promise.

*What do you do when it seems like your wilderness will never end? You have to learn how to trust when God makes a promise to you, because his reputation is on the line. When God makes you a promise and it doesn’t come to fruition, it’s not because of God, it’s because of you. Would you rather wait on a promise from God or man? When God makes a promise, whatever he spoke has to come to pass the way he said it. When people make a promise they make revisions after the promise is made. When God makes a promise to you, not only will he come through on what he said, but he’ll give you more. God has a way of blowing your mind when you think he’s only going to do one thing, he surpasses it and does exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask or think.

*When your soul is anchored you have to continue patiently endure because trials will still come even while you’re anchored. The winds will still blow, the storm is still going to come even when your soul is anchored. The only way you can test whether or not you’re anchored is that you have to experience some storms and winds in your life. If it cannot be tested it cannot be trusted. How much time would you have back in your life if you stop wasting time on people and relationships that have no stability, no weight, and no value? As soon as a storm came they were gone. You have a tendency to make temporary things permanent in your life. God only allowed it for a season, and instead of you just visiting you began to dwell. When you visit you stop past and keep going, but when you dwell you take up residence there. There are some things and people that you allowed to dwell in your life, but as you walk into the new year those things that were dwelling that God only sent to visit you must evict. Every stronghold, perplexity, anxiety, bad friendship, bad relationship has to go today, don’t wait until the 31st you can start putting stuff out today. You can only have this testimony when you have patiently endured. When you are patiently enduring, you are waiting for God to fulfill what he said to you, but in the midst of your waiting you’re patiently working, patiently praying, patiently praising, patiently persevering, because you understand that waiting is an active process and you can’t be idle while you wait. Work until God comes through for you.

*God shows us consistency in the midst of an inconsistent world. You need some consistency in your life. God shows up consistent and unchanging in your life because your mind needs some type of normality. If things are always changing how can you find time to just be settled. Sometimes you can be on the go, moving, planning, working, and doing, but you don’t take a moment to be still. God has a way of getting your attention and reminding you that sometimes you have to just stop. Sometimes God has to speak peace and stillness to you. Life is not going to stop blowing at you. God anchors you, even though bills keep coming and it doesn’t seem like there’s enough money, because you are anchored you don’t have to worry. The same one that anchors you provides for you. You’re wrestling and struggling in your mind when you can have peace if you hold tight to your anchor.

*You can find refuge in him. God is so good to you, that he will protect you so you don’t lose focus. Sometimes when things try to come at you, you take your eyes off the end destination, the end goal, and lose focus. God says maintain your focus, if you can stay focused on the goal line he will protect you from the things that are trying to come against you. Every time one door closes, God has another door waiting to open. Sometimes God has to allow people to walk out and walk away so he can send you what you really need to help get you where he’s trying to take you. In the midst of shifting you have to still be anchored. If you’re going to maintain being anchored, you can’t lose sight of hope. You don’t hope as a person crossing their feelings wishing that something comes to fruition. Have hope that says you believe what God has promised you and it shall be fulfilled. If you change your perspective about hope you might spend less time worrying about things. If God makes a promise, he makes his promise by himself. Have hope that God is able, and your hope increases when you remember that God has come through before. Why do you keep spending time trusting in people that don’t keep their word, and not trusting the one that does not lie. Because you are anchored you have stability, firmness, and steadfastness. It’s your anchor that holds you when life is going rugged, when people talk about you, and when your mind is racing about things you cannot change. You allow conditional experiences to make you lose sight of the anchor.

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