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The Origin of my Faith | Pastor Joshua Goodin

Encounter @ the Chapel

Pastor Joshua Goodin

"The Origin of My Faith"

2 Timothy 1:3-5 (NIV)

Origin, the point or place where something begins, arises or is derived. Everything has an origin; nothing matures or develops overnight because it must go through a process.

*Faith has a root.

Faith doesn't begin at the point of birth, rather the seeds are planted while in the womb. Faith is living and active on the inside. John leaped in the womb when encountering the presence of Mary carrying Jesus in the womb. The seed of faith was planted in the life of Timothy.

*Faith must be passed down.

What good is faith that's only kept to yourself, faith must be shared? Lois shared her faith with Eunice, and Eunice shared her faith with Timothy. We have to ensure that we're passing on the right kind of faith. Wrong faith can lead to generational curses.

*Faith must be active.

Paul attested to the fact that he was persuaded by Timothy’s faith, persuasive faith is not just discussed, it's active. Your faith can only be displayed when it's active. Model the faith you want to be mimicked.

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