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Trust My Word | Pastor Joshua Goodin

John 4:46-54 (NIV)

*How many times has the Lord said “just give it to me and I’ll take care of it? All you got to do is trust my word?” Some of you need to learn to trust him and walk away.

You shouldn’t have to pay for something that belongs to you. You pay for stuff that you own, and you put yourself in debt trying to spoil children that don’t say thank you. Jesus is never going to stay in a place where there is disorder. If there’s no order he’ll work things out. Even when you are called to serve, life’s situation can come and hinder you. If you feel the presence of the Lord why not ask for something. When you want something bad enough you’ll do what you have to do to get to it. Are you still at the point in your walk with God where you still need to see signs and wonders? Or even if you don’t see signs and wonders do you trust and believe? Maybe that’s why you're stuck where you are.

When will you move past mustard seed faith? Your faith hasn’t grown, because you don’t want to grow. One of the greatest things a person can see in you is that you’ve grown. How can you grow if people don’t take the time to tell you how you’re doing? Jesus can be grieved by your lack of faith. If you understood how important your faith was to get what you need. You can ask God for something and he will give it to you immediately before you realize it. Get up and go, but you keep expecting the dead situations in your life to stay dead.

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