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When Satan Comes In | Pastor Joshua Goodin

Encounter with the Chapel

Pastor Joshua Goodin

Luke 22:1-6 (NIV)

“When Satan Comes In”

The church has become so ignorant of the things of the devil. People only try to get rid of you when you’re a threat. Learn how to stop being frustrated and upset when there’s opposition. Opposition means you’re going in the right direction. Some of you are guilty of wavering when things don’t go your way.

Is it you or the devil?

You have a choice whether you let the devil use you. Sometimes God will set you up to encounter the right people before you do the wrong thing.

Some of you Satan didn’t come looking for you, you went looking for him.

The reason you're so easily being used by the enemy is that you’re used to being used. You say yes to every call and request that you’re empty. Satan’s purpose is to make you feel insecure. You need to stop letting the enemy use you. You know it’s the enemy when it’s a disruption to the leader.

* When Satan comes in, how long does he stay? Satan stays as long as you let him stay. As long as you’re vulnerable.

You’re so angry at how things are going in your life.

You can’t find a new heart in another person. You keep searching for hearts in people

*How much does it cost for Satan to enter? You’re guilty of cheating yourself of the gifts.

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