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5th Pastoral Anniversary of Reverend Daniel M. Jackson

5th Pastoral Anniversary

Reverend Daniel M. Jackson

New Kingdom Baptist Church

Pastor Joshua Goodin

John 21:1-14 KJV)

“Positioned to Prosper”

*In ministry you will be frustrated and look for outlets God hasn’t called you to. Be careful where you lead the people. If they follow you to another service, they will follow you anywhere.

*Even when you’re doing what you’re good at you will come up empty. You cannot do anything if God hasn’t directed you to it. God will not bless what he doesn’t direct. If you come up empty when was the last time you asked yourself did God direct you to where you’re at?

*You follow after things that satisfy your flesh, but not your spirit. Have you ever felt like God has added to the pain you’re already dealing with? You’re already hurting enough and here comes God adding something else to it. You’re already in a storm, and here comes God adding another trial to the storm I’m already dealing with. The Lord is not trying to beat you down even the more, God is trying to get you to recognize and ask some questions of yourself. If God’s not leading, don't go. You have to walk in your purpose. When someone walks out of your life, throw a party. There are people in this season that cannot follow you into the next.

*Every idea that sounds good isn’t. It’s not working because Christ is not in it. You’re not supposed to get out of your lane. Tell God thank you, because when you were getting ready to step out of your lane, God stopped you

to protect you. God gives you the ability to carry what others can’t carry.

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