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Actively Waiting

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Pastor Joshua Goodin

Psalms 27:14 (KJV)

“Actively Waiting”

*It is a hard thing to wait. There are some things that God wants to give us, but God has us in this place that he isn’t ready to release it yet. It takes discipline in knowing how to steward the ambiguous time between the promise being made and being fulfilled. When God says he’s going to give you something and when God manifests what he’s going to give you it’s hard in the in-between time. In the midst of waiting, we ask God did you forget what you said you were going to do? You sit frustrated because you think God is taking too long. Waiting can cause fatigue. The enemy is deceptive and if he can perceive in your mind that God has lied to you, then the enemy has been successful in his plot and plan against you. The enemy prepares an assignment to deceive your mind, he will use any and everybody to help his plan to fruition.

*Have you ever been so exhausted in your wait, that you thought it would be better to just cuss God and die? You ask God, How is it that he can say he loves you, that you’re one of his children, that he can keep telling you that everything is going to work together for your good, turn things around for you, show mercy towards you, and give me the desires of my heart, but yet you’re standing there in the holding pattern waiting for him to release what he promised you? Not because you asked this of him, but because he told you that he was going to give it to you. You didn’t ask for this, you didn’t pray for this, but he told you. When the enemy deceives your mind, you begin blaming the people that have nothing to do with what God is already doing. It isn’t that people aren’t ready, but God is calling you to wait until he says move. Instead of trying to find your own ways to walk through doors, learn how to say “Lord I trust you even in the midst of the wait. Lord, whatever you’re trying to do or prepare for me before I get to where you are taking me, help me to wait patiently on you.” God has to remove some things out before he can position you so you can operate without opposition. Some losses are necessary because they hinder you from where God is trying to take you. You cry over what God takes from you, but the reason God takes it from you is that you create a dependency on it instead of on God. What God’s have you created in your life that stop you from doing what God has called you to do?

*You don’t know what God has waiting for you, so stay where you are, comfortable, instead of taking the leap into unknown territories. You are allowing yourself to be paralyzed by what you don’t know. Even when you don’t know you know. You may not know what’s waiting for you, but you know the one that’s called you to the place and is in control. Take a leap in the direction God is calling you too, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable and you don’t have all the answers. If you don’t take the leap you don’t know how much longer you will be stuck where you’re at. You haven’t gotten a fresh blessing because you’re stuck where you are. If God hasn’t done anything new for you, maybe the connection you thought you had, you really don’t have.

*If you’re going to actively wait, don’t wait in a still position, you have to pray while you wait. You have to learn to put into the environment what God is going to manifest. You have to think about where God is taking you. Think in your mind, you are healed, you are delivered, you are set free, you’re just waiting for God to manifest it. While you wait, change your thinking. Don’t wait until you get the business loan to start thinking like an entrepreneur. If you change your thinking and instill that thinking into your children, don’t think for where you are, think for where you’re going. If you don’t change your thinking while you wait, when you get to it, you have to get your mind to catch up to where God has already positioned you.

*It’s time for you to change some things up, because where God is trying to take you, you can’t go into it the same way you are right now. What’s coming your way God has to change your mindset because sometimes you are too kind to people. The Lord has to change how you engage with people because what he’s trying to do in and through you, you have to go in a different direction because of the people you will encounter. You have become too comfortable being used and stepped on by people, allowing people to do whatever they want to you that you have nothing left to give. God is saying to you that where I am taking you, you will not cry those tears like you cried in the last season. When you walk into the next season you’re going to have more joy and more peace than you had in the last season. Testify that you have been waiting for God to do it, you’ve been praying, you’ve been asking, and know that even though it has not come fully to fruition that you have made up in your mind that because you are in Christ, you are a new creature, old things passed away, you are transformed in your thinking while you wait.

*While you wait, don't lose your courage. Don’t become a punk while you wait. The longer you wait the tougher you get. While you wait on God he gives you strength and when you have strength there are some things you will not take. God will give you strength to say what you did in the last season you will not do in this season, what you took in the last season you will not take in this season, because you have been waiting too long for God to release to you what he promised you to get your blessing. In the midst of your waiting don’t become weak giving in to everything, tap into your strength, God is your strength when you’re waiting, call on him.

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