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Getting the House in Order: Try Something New" pt. 5

One of the struggles of ministry is when you’re trying to do ministry, lead, and execute a vision God has given, but sometimes some of the people doing the work are unwilling to try new things. If we’re going to move forward as a church, we cannot be comfortable with just showing up on Sunday. You can’t be comfortable and think that it is enough to attend worship on Sunday, but not be engaged in bible study, or be a part of a ministry, because everybody has been given at least one gift. If you are not living out your purpose, then you are just existing. This is problematic because the bible says that if you are not producing fruit you will get cut off. When you are living you will get cut on but not cut off.

*When was the last time in your approach to ministry, your approach to utilizing your gift, your approach to your work for the kingdom that you were willing to try something new? When was the last time you decided that you are going to move beyond the box that you have been in and step out of the box to fulfill what God has assigned my hands to do? You’re comfortable, but what would be the outcome if you tried something new?

*Some things that are put into place at church have no authority of God, they are man’s rules and laws. If you stay stuck to those laws, you will find yourself missing out on opportunities to help people be transformed and their lives changed. You are so stuck to the tradition that you are unwilling to do something new. You have to be willing to do different kinds of ministry. A church has to have a place to do worship. The church has become stagnant because they think there is only one way to do church. How you do your job matters. You have to learn how to properly engage people. One bad experience and a person will not come back to church again, and that blood will be on your hands because you have to give an account.

*When you do something different in the midst of opposition, you must prepare for the possibility of what can go wrong. It’s dangerous when you pray for things to go wrong instead of going right. Unselfish prayer can yield unexpected blessings.

*Move beyond the rules, so that people can get help. Can you move out of your comfortability to go outside to give someone life? There are a lot of people that do not add to the body, you add numerically to the roll, but not to the body. When people encounter you in the store, on your block, in your neighborhood, do they see your light shine? Or do they say you’re getting real dressed up to go to brunch on Sunday because there is no way you can go to church? If people have to guess if you’re saved, because how you act Monday-Saturday is contradictory to having a relationship with Jesus Christ, that is problematic. God is not impressed by what you post on social media. You are so comfortable trying to portray to other people that you have lied to yourself. If you know you don’t feel 100, then don’t post anything.

*The problem is there are people in the church that show up empty every week. It’s difficult trying to lead people that keep wanting to show up empty. Leaders are discouraged because they try to provide productive and successful ministry to a body that doesn’t want to receive it. The congregation needs to support the ministries of the congregation. Don't just be church members, be disciples. If you are going to grow and fill the house where God is trying to take you then everyone must be active participants in the work right now. There’s no need to move lazy people into a new space. Healing is more important than rules. Sometimes people don’t want to work because they are jealous of the people that are working. Don’t be jealous of the work they’re doing, because you can do work too.

*When you try something new, don’t hide the work, do it directly in front of the people that tried to hinder you. You have the ability to save lives or destroy lives in the work that you have been called to do. There are some things that God planned to happen at a certain time, but you got in the way of the work, and God could not accomplish it. The worst thing to do is hit a milestone in your life and feel unaccomplished. As long as you have breath in your life it is still daytime. If the Lord called you home today, what level would you be at? Would you be empty, because you gave everything, would you be on full, or would you be on half? Have you given the way you were supposed to give, and not with money?

*When you try something new, work your assignment and understand that the attack of your opposition will become greater. The greater the attack the more you know you are in the right place, you are walking in your purpose, and you are fulfilling your assignment. Learn how not to be sad about the attacks, but celebrate the attacks, because they are confirmation that you are doing what the Lord has called you to do. When was the last time you were attacked, dealt with opposition, something brought you to your knees, made you lose sleep, cry, isolate or doubt yourself? If you haven’t had an attack in a while, maybe you have done anything in a while.

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