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"I Am Anointed to Shift Your Life"

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Reverend Jonathan Goodin, Sr

Lead Servant Leader, Repair Center Ministries

Acts 3:1-6 (NKJV)

“I Am Anointed to Shift Your Life”

*What’s on the inside of you? Are you carrying purpose and destiny so you can give birth to what God has assigned you, or are you just carrying hot air? What’s on the inside of you, gas or greatness? The divine says to you, no matter what your experiences have been, your experience currently, what people say about you, what you have done in your past, how you got into this season, there is an anointing on you that is designed to bring change to those that are connected to you. Whether people like you or not, God has anointed you to shift their life. Stop hiding your tears, your scars, what you experienced, everything that you have been through has brought you to this place, so that when others encounter you the power of God can change their life.

**You’ve been anointed for right now. God’s hand is on you, and you have been empowered and anointed to shift the trajectory of the lives connected to you. There is something about you that is unique and inspiring. You are anointed to break chains, bind up curses, God has put breakthroughs on your tongue. You can walk into your house and you can speak financial, mental, and emotional breakthroughs. You can walk into the church and tell people you know they hate you, and that’s alright because God has anointed you to shift their life. They can keep on hating while you keep praying. They can keep on being weird while you keep on praising.

***When you are anointed to shift lives, your commitment to the ministry exposes your mission. Your commitment to the ministry, not the church. Your commitment to the ministry is what God is looking for. There is a difference between kingdom and church. You don’t have to be the same to do the work together. Diversity does not diminish the responsibility of the ministry. You can’t cooperate with God holding certain things back, it doesn’t work. Cooperation equals commitment. So many are focused on their own personal agenda and proclivities that they keep missing the mission. Your spiritual life should not be kept secret. When was the last time your spiritual life impacted somebody?

****When you are anointed to shift lives, your trust has to be in God’s time. When God has an assignment on your life and the call to shift someone else’s life, his timing must be your only priority. Stop trying to figure out what other people want, sit down, shut up, and ask God what he wants you to do with your time, how does he want you to move. When you operate on the thought of another human being you are outside of God’s alignment. No matter what a person’s title or role is, they are still finite, limited to the same things that you are and they can make a mistake. You are messed up in your spiritual life because you let someone tell you what God wants you to do instead of asking God. The world does not need instruction, they need demonstration. The world does not want your message, they want to see your message, see how you move in God’s timing. If you are moving in God’s timing you have something to offer others that they cannot offer themselves. You have divine alignment and are operating in the parameter of God’s will. Everybody wants to be used but doesn't want to be used God’s way.

*****When you are anointed to shift lives, God will pour out necessity not personal desire. Stop making begging normal. In order to operate at the level God has called you, your proclivity cannot dominate your necessity. What turns you on cannot be more important than what you need. Stimulation and necessity are not the same. Just because it feels good does not mean that it is good for you. When you have to beg someone for resources, you are limited. You have learned to be comfortable in your limitations, going from person to person to satisfy your limitations. People aren’t pushing you away because they don’t want you, they are pushing you away because you are offering them the same limitations they have learned how to live with. They want to experience what you say you have when you go to church on Sundays and the Holy Ghost visits you.

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