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"Stay on Track" Reverend Daniel M. Jackson

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Reverend Daniel M. Jackson

New Kingdom Baptist Church

Psalms 119:133 (KJV)

"Stay on Track”

Ask God to help you stay on track. Do you know what it feels like to get off track?

*You want things that you don’t necessarily need. Just because you see it doesn’t mean that you need it. You pick stuff, because of what it looks like. Don’t judge a book by its cover, just because it looks good on the outside. You want stuff that you haven’t accomplished yet. You go to church and want commission, but you don’t want to put the work in that God has called you to do.

*There are two groups of people in church. Those that are very maturely saved. They pray righteously, live holy, don’t drink or smoke anymore. Then there are those that go to church but still have some stuff that is messed up with them. They are not perfect, because God is still working on them. You will fall,

There will be sad and difficult times, and everyone that smiles in your face doesn’t always have your back and will betray you in your face.

*If you’re going to stay on track, you need God to fix your footing. What you’re going through is not a punishment, but God is preparing you for what he has for you. When you live and trust God, he will help you through difficult moments. You still must ask good to fix your footing, because some of the places you walk have slippery slopes. Sometimes you slip accidentally and sometimes it’s intentionally. Everything you do the devil didn’t make you do it. God is fixing your footing, your last failure was not final, your future is not finished, God is keeping you close to him. God keeps you close to him, not as a punishment, but he’s helping you to walk right, talk right, and helping you to live right. You have to ask God to order your steps, because if you don’t you will allow other people to order them. If you live for applause from people on Facebook and Instagram, someone else is ordering your steps. If you are more concerned with how people feel instead of the favor that God has on your life, someone else is ordering your steps. You have favored feet. You are looking for perfection, but God has given you redemption. No matter how you stumble or how many times you fall God walks with you.

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