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"The Reason" Pastor Joshua Goodin

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Pastor Joshua Goodin

Psalms 103:1-5 (KJV)

“The Reason”

You don’t understand the power of words, because if you understood the power of words, you would be careful what you speak into your environment. You spend more time speaking negatively into your environment instead of speaking positively. God will give you exactly what you ask for. Learn how to speak blessings in your environment then you will receive blessings. You should be more willing to yield all of yourself to give God praise. You’ve given yourself, body, mind, finance, and more to so many other people that can’t do anything for you. When you think about all that you’ve been through, you still have a reason to praise him. You have benefits with your membership, and there are some things that you can do, but because you have membership God will take care of it. You have benefits being in relationship with God, and you can keep living your best life, and he will take care of your haters. The more you get, the more you sacrifice, the more God blesses you. What you give will never be equal to what he gives you. There are some people you keep turning to for help that you don’t have to because God says he will supply all your needs. Why do you keep going to people that can give you no benefits, but you keep going to them and relying on them, and the only thing that they are doing is using the benefits you have? You can still use your benefits in other “vehicles” because of your membership. Don’t forget the benefits that you have.

6 Benefits you get from God

*God forgives all your iniquities.

Take a pause and count all the sins you have committed since you have been born. When you take inventory, you don’t have enough time to recall all the sins you’ve committed. Because of the God you serve and the relationship you have with him, one of the benefits you have is God forgives all your sins. Unforgiveness hinders you from access to the other benefits. You may think there are some things that God cannot forgive. God has already qualified you for things you thought you were disqualified from. There are some things that God grants that only come from membership (not church membership). There are some things that you’ve done that you even blow your own mind. Think about the fact that God forgives you.

*God heals all your diseases

Not just your sickness and ailments, but also the things that you are grieving over. Some of the diseases you have are not medical. The Lord will repair all your disease and all your grief. There is no issue that you’re wrestling with that God can’t heal.

*God redeems your life from destruction.

When you try to destroy your life, God has already paid the price to spare your life. The price was very heavy for your life to turn around. Even when the Lord sees you going down a path that’s going to end in one direction, he’s already on the case and has paid the price so your life can be snatched back from destruction. If you feel like you’re on a path right now that is leading to destruction God can still pull you back in. When God has a plan for your life, he will give up everything.

*God crowns you with loving-kindness

God has encircled you with favor. Every time you turn around you see favor. Think back over your life and the places you have been, and you will see the favor of God on your life protecting you, watching over you. Not because of what you did, but because of the membership you have. Think about all the mistakes that you have made, and the path of destruction you have been on at times, God’s favor was on your life.

*God satisfies your mouth

There are some things that you have that keep you coming back for more, but you're not satisfied. The only one that can give you satisfaction in anything is the Lord. Sometimes you chase after things looking to be satisfied, only to find out that it cannot satisfy you. You must understand that the only one that can satisfy your need and desire is the Lord and you find yourself in a place where you stop chasing after the cookie. It cannot satisfy you only the Lord can satisfy. You searched after some things, you pursued some things, you followed after some things, but it could not satisfy you, because can’t nobody do you like Jesus. Everything you pursue after is not always good for you.

*God renews your strength like an eagle.

In the age and years you’re in God will give you strength. You want to keep reliving your younger days, and you are stuck in your high place. Be careful when you chase your high places. When you were dealing with sickness, God gave you strength. He gives you strength when you feel like you can’t go on and want to quit. In those times when you bless God, because he gives you strength.

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