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Trust God's Plan

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Minister Fred Knox

Jeremiah 29:1-14 (NLT)

“Trust God’s Plan”

*If you want to experience victory over the obstacles, the suffering, the trials, and tribulations that come your way, you have to learn to trust God’s plan. Hold fast to the confidence of your faith and don’t give up. Life cannot come to a grinding halt during troubled times, you have to adjust and keep moving. You can have boundless hope. You will not be spared pain, suffering, or hardships, but God will see you through to a glorious conclusion. If God called you to it, he is able to see you through it. It may appear like God has forgotten you, but God may be preparing you for a new beginning with him at the center.

**Do not despair because you have God’s presence, the privilege of prayer, and God’s grace. If you seek God wholeheartedly, he will be found, he has a plan for every life. He opens doors that no man can shut, and he shuts doors that no man can open. Learn to celebrate your troubles by trusting God’s providence, sovereignty, and plans. God has a plan to bring you to a desired destination. God has an eternal view of your life and will use your current circumstances to work together for your good on the condition that you trust his plan to lead you. No matter how many obstacles are in your way, God makes a way out of no way. Learn to surrender to God's providence and trust his plan.

***God is not your enemy, he is your friend, and he is rooting for you. He has a plan, but you must trust his plan. Have confidence in God’s power and love, know that he is for you not against you. Believe in God's kindness, and accept God's chastisement, and surrender to God’s will. Have you learned to accept discipline from God? Can you receive a celestial spanking with the knowledge that God’s love is what prompts him to punish you? If so, you have to live with hope and know that right will eventually win. In hope, you were saved, and hope allows you to keep your sanity during the worst of times. All the stuff that comes, God is with you not against you. When you have hope you will have a tune where no lyrics exist, there will be a tune in your heart, mind, and soul.

****Seek God with intensity, it matters. As you go through the valley of trouble seek God with intensity. As you face the disagreeable winds of trouble, seeking God with intensity will cause them to evaporate.

*****Stay productive even in your season of trouble. As you deal with the challenges of emotional captivity, do you continue to produce a harvest that will glorify God?

******Pray for your enemies' prosperity. Doing things God’s way is always the right way and teaches you to be more like Christ. Trust God’s plan. Have a plan of action: surrender to God's providence, believe in God's kindness, accept God's chastisement, live with hope, believe in God's revelation over human speculation, seek God with intensity, seek God with intensity, and pray for your enemies’ prosperity.

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