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"When Enough Seems Like Enough"

Sunday Recap @ da Chapel

Minister Sarah-Ashley Andrews

Associate Minister, New Joy Missionary Baptist Church

1 Kings 19:1-6 (NLT)

“When Enough Seems Like Enough”

Have you ever just wanted to give up? You don’t always have to push through. You don’t have to keep going when you’re not ok. Stop ignoring the emotions that cripple you. Stop when your body and mind says stop. Stop when you feel like you can’t go on. Can you feel two feelings at one time? Can you be happy and sad at the same time? Can you be happy and grieving at the same time? Can you be on a spiritual high and want to give up at that same moment? When you experience something good, you are great at pretending that you are ok. When you are alone the real feelings come out. Have you gotten to a place where you feel like enough seems like enough? Do you always have to show up as your best stuff? Do you have any moments of peace where you can just be yourself? Do you have any moments of peace where you can just sit back and rest in God? Do you have any moments of peace where you can just breathe? How much is the pressure of you being a parent, a preacher, a professional, a student, a friend, husband, or wife? How much is the pressure playing on your current position? You are worried, God is working. When God is working he sees beyond what you see and what you feel.

*Rest: to keep going you need to get some rest. You don’t have any energy, you're agitated, your thoughts are all over the place, because you need rest, and you can’t focus because you haven’t gotten any rest. Not a catnap, you need to shut it down and cut it off so you can get some rest. Set boundaries around you, so you can get rest. You cannot maintain and manage things when you are tired.

**Reset: stop going through life as if things don’t happen to you. Stop trying to push through, and settle down enough to reset. Take time to acknowledge when things don’t feel right. When you don’t have peace, your feelings are hurt, when you are angry, take time to feel your feelings.

God shows up when you are open and honest with him. You can’t heal what you don’t reveal. You are carrying around weights of disappointment, resentment, heartache, neglect, and rejection. You can barely move and walk because of the weights on you. How do you expect to live your life of purpose when you are carrying things that are weighing you down? You need to reset and start all over again.

***There is no reset if you don’t release. If you want to reset, you have to get over what happened last time. You are about to have a divine reset, so you have to be vulnerable and tell God what’s going on. Bring all your burdens to God, he wants to take

what’s on you, so he can take what’s on him and put it on you. What’s on God is easy, light, and bearable. If you don’t take off the unbearable stuff, and the heavy stuff you will never walk and live in your purpose. Exchange your heaviness for God’s light stuff. If you don’t confess it, how will you relinquish it? Don’t be afraid to tell God why you are in this space in your life. You need God’s presence. Processing is not a one-time thing, it’s something that you have to continue to do over and over again. In order to reset you have to be willing to process.

****Restore: to return where you were before or better. Model God’s example and don’t just follow traditions. God’s example is love. Learn how to love people the way God loves people. There is still work to do. Allow God to restore you, so you can keep going.

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